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MHM is one of Britain's leading providers of professional boxing management based in central London, UK. MHM currently represents a host of leading professional boxers from all over the world.


After a successful career as an amateur boxer, Michael Helliet established himself as a trainer and manager and rose to prominence as the house matchmaker and licensed promoter for the Mayfair Sporting Club at the Millennium Hotel, Savoy Hotel and National Sporting Club at the Cafe Royal in London, where he worked as director of boxing for six years. Helliet now manages around 60 pro boxers and is one of the UK's busiest matchmakers and agents. MHM have strong links with all the UK broadcasting contracted promoters, and regularly supply fighters to the top promoters in the UK, Ireland and France.

Mitcham middleweight Warren Fenn wants revenge

Fenn had his unbeaten record shattered by Bognor based Latvian Arturs Geikins after a terrific up-and-down scrap last October - and promoter Mickey Helliet says they could meet again later this month. Helliet stages another value-for-money show at the Camden Centre - near King's Cross Station - on Saturday, March 23. Fenn is on the 12-fight bill and is praying he meets Geikins again.

"I definitely want that fight," said the 25 year-old. "A lot of people have said: 'Are you sure you want a rematch with this guy ?' But what happened hasn't affected me that much because it doesn't feel as though it was really me in there. I don't feel as if he really beat me. I had family issues and should never have boxed. I learned the hard way that you can't go in the ring in the wrong state of mind. If my head was clear, I would have beaten him. He's not in the same class as me, but I was fighting angry. I got in the ring, saw the red mist and got nailed."

Geikins, a Latvian based in Bognor Regis, is clearly a danger man. Geikins last month ended Frankie Monkhouse's unbeaten record with a spectacular knock-out - and Fenn knows beating him will silence his critics. "I know I have a point to prove," he said. "I know people are saying: 'I told you he was no good' because I lost, but every great fighter loses and it's all about how you react to losing. I've reacted by training that bit harder and put a little bit extra in. I've been holding my own with top lads like Lenny Daws in sparring and at my best, I don't think anyone in the country who can beat me."

Tickets for the show at the Camden Centre are available from 07860 603258.


09 Mar 13

Vinz Kuech knows what he's fighting for

Vinz Kuech knows what he's fighting for when he launches his boxing career this month. Girlfriend Terrie last year gave birth to son Albie - and that's given the 21 year-old from Leigh-on-Sea all the motivation he needs going into this month's big fight. Manager Mickey Helliet has handed Kuech his professional debut on his big show at the Camden Centre on Saturday, March 23.
Kuech said: "I want to be a success for Albie. I want a better life for him and that's all I'm thinking about when I'm out running or working hard in the gym. I'm doing it all for Albie." Kuech says he's also inspired by the memory of his best mate. Michael Dowley died last year in a motorbike crash and Kuech said: "He was the reason I started boxing. His dad used to drive us to all the shows when we were amateurs and we would go running together. Michael was a top amateur and he really pushed me on to get better. It was a terrible shock to lose him."

Kuech admits he feared he would never get the chance to pursue his boxing ambitions. Doctors refused to give him a license to fight after he failed an eye test - and he's spent £3,000 on laser surgery to get the all clear to box. "I've been boxing for seven years," said Kuech, "and can't really imagine my life without the sport. I owe my dad a few quid because he helped pay for the laser treatment and it did hurt for a while afterwards, but it will all be worth it when I get in the ring." Kuech is sponsored by GBN Services, Boxing Corner, Mandr Lighting, Boese Boxers Studding and BR and his supporters should be excited by his box-fighting style. He said: "I have a lot of power and I do like a fight, but my trainers are getting me to box more. They've got me to think about my boxing instead of just going in there to have a scrap. I've learned how to open opponents up before I land the big shots. I know I have the power to hurt people."

Tickets for the show are available from 07715-268327

09 Mar 13

Ben Day is back in the ring next month - or is it movie star Christian Bale?

Day targets a fifth straight win at the Camden Centre on Saturday, March 23 and the 34 year-old from Teignmouth has prepared for the big fight in America. He has just been on a schooling trip to Floyd Mayweather Junior's gym in Las Vegas, then drove across the desert to Freddie Roach's Wild Card gym in Los Angeles to train. Roach is regarded as the world's best trainer. His success stories include ring legend Manny Pacquiao - and Day stayed in the same hotel room as the Filipino whirlwind during his stay in Los Angeles! Roach watched Day train - and thought he was someone else!

"Freddie kept coming over to me and saying I looked like Dicky Eklund and boxed like him as well," said Day. Eklund boxed Sugar Ray Leonard in his ring career and is better known as the troubled brother of former world welterweight champion 'Irish' Mickey Ward. Ward's story was told in the film 'The Fighter' and Hollywood star Christian Bale played Eklund. "I watched Eklund box Sugar Ray Leonard on the internet - and could see what Freddie meant !" said Day."He kissed Sugar Ray on the top of his head during the fight - and I've done that to my opponents." Leonard is in the record books as a five-weight world champion - and Day has titles in his sights.

"(Manager) Mickey (Helliet) has said that if I keep winning, I could get a crack at the British Masters title and hopefully, it will happen this year," said Day. "Because of my age, I haven't got time on my side, but I need more experience. I'm leaving it up to Mickey." Day reckons Helliet and his fans will see a best-ever performance at the Camden Centre."It was a life-changing experience in America," he said. "It was an education!”. "Just to be in those gyms and around those fighters has made me a more confident, better boxer."

Tickets for the show are available from 07816-823586.

08 Mar 13

Phil Gill is Back!

Waltham Abbey scrapper Phil Gill is ready to relaunch his career after admitting defeat in his battle with the scales. He's back in the ring on manager Mickey Helliet's show at the Camden Centre on Saturday, March 23 - and targeting light-welterweight titles. Gill previously held the International Masters lightweight title - he won the belt by out-toughing Ibrar Riyaz in a thriller - but had a rethink after his loss to Ben Murphy for the Southern Area strap.
"Making 9st 9lbs was taking a lot out of me," said Gill, "and I'm going to be a lot stronger now. I've got to get this fight out of the way and see what doors open for me."

Gill could box for the Southern Area light-welterweight championship in the coming months. Danny Connor and Chris Evangelou meet for the belt in a hotly-anticipated rematch at Wembley Arena on Saturday, March 9 - and Gill plans to be at ringside for the fight. "If Evangelou wins the title, I think he will want to defend it against me," said the 30 year old. "I was asked about the fight last year and Evangelou obviously thinks he can beat me, so that could happen later this year." Gill is convinced he can beat the Enfield ticket seller.  "I've sparred Chris and know all about him," he said. "I know he likes to look the part and also that he's mentally fragile. I know he was losing heart when he boxed Connor before and he will definitely lose heart if he boxes me! I've got to win this fight, and put on an impressive performance. That will be the key to opening the door to a Sky televised title fight with Evangelou and from there I’ll be right back in the mix!"

Tickets for the show are available from 07817-594053.

08 Mar 13

Craig Whyatt plans to follow Lenny Daws' blueprint for boxing success

Both Morden boxers face a big year. Daws is being line up for a European-title challenge and Whyatt hopes to be battling for a belt by the end of the year. Whyatt has started his climb up the lightweight rankings with three straight wins - and is back in action at the Camden Centre - opposite King's Cross station - on Saturday, March 23. Whyatt reckons he's got the perfect role model on his doorstep for what promises to be a make-or-break year.
"Lenny is so dedicated - and that's why he's achieved so much," said the 23 year-old. "Even when he doesn't have a fight coming up, he's still always in the gym. You've got to stay fit in case the phone rings and you get offered a big fight. That's the way Lenny does it and I'm planning to do it the same way. Lenny deserves every success he gets. He's a smashing fella and works so hard. I'm sure he will win the European title and maybe if I follow his example I can win the British title."

Whyatt impressed ringsiders with his four-round points win over Ibrar Riyaz last November. He stuck to his boxing to outsmart the Reading scrapper and said: "I can box and fight - but just boxed him. I didn't want to get involved in a fight and take punches when I didn't have to." Whyatt hopes to step up to six-round level after next month's fight at the Camden Centre and is planning a busy year. "I want to get my up the rankings as quickly as possible," he said. "I will start to get noticed when I have nine or 10 wins on my record - and that's when the big fights come along. Hopefully I will be in a good position by the end of the year."

Promoter Mickey Helliet is putting together a value-for-money 12-fight bill  and tickets are available from 07788-256931.

07 Mar 13

Whatever happened to Joe Smyth?

Smyth was a top amateur, recorded one of the best knock-outs of 2010, starred in 'Prizefighter,' then disappeared . . . He's back in the ring at the Camden Centre on Saturday, March 23 and ready to bring belts back to St Albans after ending his injury nightmare. Smyth has boxed just once since January, 2011 and said: "I've had every injury possible! I seem to train for a few months, then something goes wrong. I was busy at the start of my career - but I've had lots of injury problems since then. I've been thinking of changing my name to 'Sick Note !' But now I can't wait to get back in the ring."

Smyth will box a six-rounder on manager Mickey Helliet's show - and hopes to box for the Southern Area light-heavyweight title later this year. Andreas Evangelou and Leon Senior are scheduled to meet for the vacant belt - and Smyth wants the winner. "I will beat them both in the same night !" said the 27 year-old. "We've tried to get Evangelou to the gym for sparring - but he never turns up. If he wins the title and I'm his mandatory challenger he has to fight me or give up the belt. I've got to get this fight out of the way, win the Southern Area title, then move on again. I'm only 27 years old and most of the top lads at my weight are around that age or older. I reckon I can pick up a few belts over the next three years. I've just got to get a few rounds under my belt."

Smyth plans to sharpen his skills sparring Commonwealth super-middleweight champion George Groves - and says he's in the mood to put on an explosive show next month. Smyth is the father of two sons - four-year-old Logan and Drew (one) - and said: "They are my world. They keep me going and I haven't seen them much recently because I've been training for this fight. I'm  definitely going to punish my opponent for that !"

Tickets for the show at the Camden Centre - just across the road from King's Cross station - are available from 07976-027082.

07 Mar 13

Hot-prospect Charlie Rice revealed his title targets

Hot-prospect Charlie Rice revealed his title targets after launching a make-or-break year with another win in Mayfair . The Islington lightweight is back in the ring on manager Mickey Helliet's value-for-money show at the Camden Centre on Saturday, March 23 after last week chalking up his fifth straight win. Rice outpointed Jason Nesbitt over six rounds in Mayfair and afterwards spelled out his plans for the year ahead. "I'm looking to have a big year," said the 20 year-old. "I want to win my first title. I'm hoping to go for the British Masters title later this year, then go for the Southern Area title after that."

The vacant Southern Area lightweight title is up for grabs at Wembley Arena on Saturday, March 9. Boxing bosses have paired unbeatens Ryan 'Crash Bang' Taylor and Liam Shinkwin for the title and Rice plans to be at the big fight that will be screened live on Sky Sports.
"I've seen them both box and there's nothing there to scare me," said Rice. "Shinkwin is a decent boxer, but doesn't punch hard and Taylor is too easy to hit. I'm definitely ready for either of them now, but I think my manager wants me to get a few more rounds under my belt before I go for titles."
Rice got six more rounds under his belt at the Millennium Hotel. Nesbitt, a veteran of more than 170 pro fights, was competitive throughout, but Rice kept a cool head to claim a 60-55 points verdict from the referee after six hard-fought rounds. "He was tough," said Rice, "and kept swinging. But I kept my hands up, stayed switched on and he didn't catch me."

The championship show at the Camden Centre also includes Angel-based former MMA star Joe Duffy and tickets are available from 07400-826326.

06 Mar 13

Alex plans to lay down law

Alex Dilmaghani is planning to graduate from university - and claim honours in the boxing ring as well. Dilmaghani is in the final year of a Law degree at Southampton University - and he also plans to put his boxing skills to the test in the next few months. Promoter Mickey Helliet has announced Dilmaghani will box on his show at Southampton Guild Hall on Friday, March 1 - and the 22 year-old from Worthing said: "It's definitely going to be a big year for me. I'm looking to have lots of fights, gain plenty of experience and then next year I can be let off the leash. I will fight whoever they put in front of me and if I put on great performances, eventually my time will come. I want to become British lightweight champion in 2014 - but getting an education is very important to me as well. I've got my exams this summer and assignments to complete as well, so I'm going to be busy !"

Dilmaghani resumed his ring career last November with a points win over hard-as-nails Billy Smith that ended a 17-month spell of inactivity. "I felt relaxed in there," he said. "When you box journeymen there's no point trying to knock them out because they know how to survive, so I used the fight as a chance to work on a few things." Dilmaghani has been sharpening his skills at the Millbank gym in Southampton. Stable mates Jon Fernandes and Matty Tew both won titles last year - the Southern Area super-bantamweight and International lightweight belts respectively - and Dilmaghani said: "It's great to be part of a successful gym. We are all winning, driving each other on and we are all good friends as well."

Tickets for the show in Southampton are available from 07807-000702.

06 Feb 13

Matty Tew can't wait to be part of Southampton's next big fight night

The International Masters lightweight champion returns home to top the bill at the  the Guildhall on Saturday, March 1 when stable mates Jon Fernandes . . will also be in action. Tew didn't box on the big show at the Guildhall last November - and says his favourite fight venue will bring out the best in him. "I boxed there as an amateur and it's a great venue," said the 30 year-old from Sholing. "It feels like a proper boxing venue and is definitely the best place to box in Southampton. It gives you a lift when you walk out there to box. I've been to see a lot of bands at the Guildhall as well, but I'm not much of a singer myself. I can empty a pub when I start singing !"

Tew will instead stick to boxing and work with on developing the skills that have taken him to 12 straight wins and the International Masters belt. He claimed the vacant belt last November by out toughing Georgian power-puncher Ruben Movsesian over 10 action-packed rounds. Tew says that experience sends him into a big year in confident mood. "Movsesyan came to have a go and could hit," he said. "A few times I told myself to keep my hands up and use the ring a bit. It was great for my confidence to get the rounds under my belt. Now I know I can do 10 hard rounds against a strong boy. I learned so much from that fight. I know how to pace myself, box my way in and pick my punches. I'm hoping for a big year. I'm looking to win the Southern Area, then move on to box for the English and maybe British titles."
Tickets for the show are available from 07841-880538.

06 Feb 13

'Pretty' Ricky Boylan aims to prove he's not just a pretty face !

He launches a make-or-break year in his boxing career on Mickey Helliet's championship bill at The Coronet on Friday, March 8 and away from the ring, the 24 year-old from Carshalton is fighting for a good cause. Boylan will run the London Marathon on April 21 to raise funds for the Debra charity. Debra raises funds for sufferers of Epidermulysis Bollosa, a rare condition where skin can blister or shed at the slightest friction. A family friend lost a child to the condition and that's convinced Boylan to take on another sporting challenge. "I want to raise as much money as I can," he said, "and I'm looking forward to the challenge of running the Marathon. I've run a couple of half marathons before and I know it's going to be tough. I won't be able to train properly because I have fights coming up to train for as well, but I'm sure I will get through it."

Boylan has come through all six professional fights to climb the light-welterweight rankings - and is planning a big year in 2013. He hopes to step up to six-round level at The Coronet and has another fight pencilled in for Thursday, April 19 - just two days before he runs the London Marathon. I'm learning all the time in the gym," he said, "and I'm hoping to step things up this year. I'm hoping to be busy and if I keep winning I hope to box for titles by the end of the year."
Boylan knows what it takes at title level after sparring Carl Frampton. Frampton currently holds the Commonwealth super-bantamweight title and boxes for European honours in Belfast on Saturday, February 9. Carl's a lot smaller than me," said Boylan, "but he's still a great fighter and getting in the ring with him is bringing me on."

Tickets for the show at The Coronet are available from 07585-918345 and anyone wishing to sponsor Boylan to run the London Marathon should go to www.justgiving.com/rickyboylan1

06 Feb 13

Joe Duffy has quit the cage for the boxing ring

Duffy hopes for luck of the Irish

Duffy competed in The Ultimate Fighter television series and challenged Ivan Musardo for the Cage Warriors world championship before making a sporting switch. He's signed with top London promoter Mickey Helliet and makes his middleweight debut at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle on Friday, March 8.  
"To further my MMA career I had to go to America and couldn't really afford to do it," explained the 24 year-old from Donegal. "My trainer at the gym said I should give boxing a crack and it started from there." As a boy, Duffy cheered on Steve Collins. The 48 year-old is set to come out of retirement to box Roy Jones jnr and Duffy said: "It would be heartbreaking to see him get back in the ring. I think he should stay retired."

Duffy's ring career is just starting - he's been sharpening his skills sparring European super-middleweight champion James DeGale and hot prospect Chris Eubank jnr - and should be cheered on by fight fans from across Britain ! His home is fishing village Burtonport, but he moved to South Wales when he was nine years old and lived close to the Newbridge gym when Joe Calzaghe was based throughout his record-breaking career.

Duffy currently lives in North London and works as a personal trainer in the capital. "All my family are Irish," he said, "and they know how to enjoy themselves ! There should be a terrific atmosphere when I box." Duffy gave his supporters plenty to cheer during his cage career - but his world-tile bid ended in heartbreak. He chalked up 10 straight wins - nine in the first round - to clinch a crack at Musardo in Kentish Town in October, 2011 and remembered: "I was winning every round, then broke my hand and ended up getting choked out. It was devastating and hopefully I will have more luck in the boxing ring."

Minster light-heavyweight Dan Woodgate tops the bill at The Coronet and tickets are available from 07791-086005.

06 Feb 13

Minster light-heavywieght Dan Woodgate has got the big fight he wanted.

Manager Mickey Helliet has revealed Woodgate will battle for a belt on his show at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle on Friday, March 8. Helliet expects to finalise details of the 10-round fight in the next few days. Woodgate has earned his title shot by putting together seven straight wins and says fight fans will see the best of him when he steps up to championship level.
"This has come at the right time," said the 29 year-old. "I've had a few niggling injuries, but they have cleared up and I'm doing everything properly now. I'm definitely a 10-round fighter. I never liked the shorter fights. I like to work my opponents out, then get stronger as the rounds go by. This fight is all about getting the rounds under my belt and building confidence. When I have got that 10-round experience I will be hard to beat."

Woodgate has revealed the drink that’s made him unbeatable. He knew changes had to be made after he was beaten by Sam Couzens back in October, 2010.
“I was always tired because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients,” he said. “I needed to add nutrients without adding calories and all the drinks I tried tasted horrendous !”
Woodgate decided to make his own drinks and they’ve proved to be so popular with friends and gym mates that he has set up his own company at www.gshakes.com. “I’ve got a range of what I call super shakes,” he said. “They are full of super foods. When I get home late from training, I can drink a shake and it’s like eating a plate of chicken, pasta and vegetables.”
Woodgate is a good advertisement for his business. He's won all seven fights - including a revenge win over Couzens in a one-sided rematch - since he created his super shake and his website also offers help with weight loss and recovery from exercise.

Tickets for the show at The Coronet are available from 07807-013111.

06 Feb 13

Mickey Helliet has added Scottish crowd-pleaser Craig Windsor jnr and Gareth Piper to his stable.

Windsor jnr lists his fighting favourites as Nigel Benn and Mike Tyson and the 29 year-old middleweight has a similar no-nonsense approach to the Noble Art. He has powered to nine wins in 11 fights - and Helliet said: "My shows are all about giving fans value for money and Craig always gives value for money every time he boxes. I'm looking forward to watching him box !"

Windsor jnr comes from fighting stock. His father, Craig Windsor snr, won Scottish titles at three different weights - and cousin Eddie McIntosh won British Masters super-middleweight honours and boxed in 'Prizefighter.' Windsor jnr has previously lost title bids to Ryan Toms and Kevin McCauley and Helliet reckons he can help Windsor jnr fulfill his title ambitions having previously turned around the careers of Chas Symonds and Ben Murphy.

Piper is being inspired by a pair of Welsh legends. His uncle, Nicky Piper MBE, won the Commonwealth light-heavyweight title, boxed for world honours -  and Gareth trains at the Royal Oak gym in Adamsdown where 'Peerless' Jim Driscoll prepared for his big fights. Driscoll is rated as one of Britain's best-ever boxers - and surely the most stylish. He won British and Commonwealth featherweight titles and also challenged for the world championship. Three years ago, Piper and trainer Gareth Seward reopened the gym. "There were just four walls and a carper when we started," said Gareth. "Nobody had trained there for years and years. But now it's fully kitted out."


21 Jan 13

Guernsey flyweight Brad Watson faces a quick return to the ring

Guernsey flyweight Brad Watson faces a quick return to the ring after extending his unbeaten record in London.

Watson made it five wins out of five with WHAT at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair - and the 22 year-old is back in the ring just four weeks later. He's set to be matched on a championship bill in Fareham on Saturday, February 23 and manager Mickey Helliet has another fight pencilled in for Watson on his show at the Camden Centre on Saturday, March 23. Watson launched a big year WITH A WHAT IN LONDON . . .Watson has welcomed his busy schedule and is convinced 2013 will be his year.

"I need the fights to get more experience before I make my move later this year," said 'The Glamour Boy.' "By the end of 2013 I'm planning to be British champion."
A match with former British flyweight champion Paul Edwards has been mooted and could happen later this year.
"I was offered the fight for next month," revealed Watson, "and I would have taken it. But my manager, Mickey Helliet, says I don't need a fight like that just yet. I'm only 22 years old and there's no rush. That fight can happen in the future and hopefully, there will be a title on the line as well."

Tickets for the show in Fareham are available from 07781-430154.

16 Jan 13

Matt Goddard reckons he can win titles - with a bit of help from his fans.

Goddard launches a big year when he boxes on manager Mickey Helliet's championship bill at Fareham Leisure Centre on Saturday, February 23. Floyd Moore tops the bill when he battles for the International Masters lightweight championship - and Goddard plans to follow his stable mate  into title contention. The 22 year-old from Odiham is banking on his fabulous fans cheering him up the lightweight rankings.
"When I was an amateur I would only have about 15 supporters watching and it made me really nervous," said Goddard. "But when I hear my supporters now, it makes me feel fantastic and gives me the confidence to box how I can. My supporters play a big part." So far, Goddard's supporters have seen him chalk up three straight wins and he said: "If I keep winning, I should be ready for a title shot by the end of the year. I've got no idea how far I can go. I just want to give boxing everything I've got and see how much I can achieve."

Goddard is a student of boxing and will be hitting the books - as well as the punch bags - in the countdown to his next fight. "I went to the boxing gym to get fit," he said, "but when I started to learn about the techniques it fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. People don't realise how intelligent boxers have to be. I'm always reading boxing biographies and text books because you can never know too much. You keep getting asked questions in the boxing ring and when you don't have the answer, you're in trouble."

Goddard says sparring is the most crucial part of his boxing education - and will be swapping blows with world-title contender Gavin Rees in the coming weeks. The Welshman heads to Atlantic City next month to challenge Adrien Broner for the WBC lightweight title and Goddard said: "I've sparred Gavin before - and it's tough. But it does me good. I have to sharpen up and come up with answers quickly - or I'm in trouble. We are always sparring in the gym. It's where I get to try out everything I've learned."    

Goddard is looking for sponsors and anyone who can help or wants tickets for the show in Fareham should contact 07803-837129.

16 Jan 13

Fareham power-puncher Floyd Moore has home advantage when he battles for a belt next month.

Promoter Mickey Helliet has confirmed 'Pac Man' will top the bill in a title fight at the Leisure Centre on Saturday, February 23. Moore looks set to box for the International Masters lightweight championship - and Helliet hopes to finalise details of the 10-round fight in the next few days.

"It's great news," said the 22 year-old.
"Every boxer wants to fight for titles in their home town and I'm looking forward to putting Fareham on the boxing map. Hopefully this is just the start. I'm still young, but I'm improving all the time and don't want to keep fighting journeymen. I plan to win this title, then step up again and fight for bigger titles."
Whatever he achieves, Moore is sure to excite. His heart-on-his-sleeve scraping and one-punch knock-out power has made him popular with fans.
Mayfair Sporting Club members voted Moore's one-punch wipe out of Jason Thompson as the best knock-out they saw in 2011 - and he should have plenty of support for the biggest fight of his professional career.
Moore lives just five minutes' walk from a venue that will stage the town's first professional boxing show since 1899 !
"I go to the Leisure Centre for a swim or a sauna and a lot of my mates go there to use the gym," he said. "I've always had good support from Fareham and I'm hoping we can fill this venue and keep putting on big shows here."

Moore is convinced he will send his supporters home happy - with a bit of help from his friend Mark Coombs. Coombs aims to extend his unbeaten record to nine fights in Fareham - and Moore describes the Pompey puncher as "my inspiration."
"I didn't do things the right way in the amateurs," admitted Moore. "I would go out drinking in between fights and wasn't dedicated enough. But I'm motivated now and training harder than ever. Mark knocks on my door at five o'clock in the morning and we go for runs around Fareham. I will be fit to go 10 rounds - if it goes that far."

Moore will be joined on the bill by stable mates Ryan Moore and Garry Neale, who makes his debut on the show. Helliet will reveal details of the rest of the bill in the next few days and tickets are available from 07703-987671.


10 Jan 13

Floyd Moore hopes a darts legend will cheer him on in next month's big fight in Fareham.

Moore boxes for the vacant International Masters lightweight title at the Leisure Centre on Saturday, February 23 - and Eric Bristow could be at ringside for the 10-round fight. Moore bumped into the five times world darts champion and 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' star at a Christmas party at the Farmhouse organised by trainer Michael Ballingall. Bristow Tweeted the following day how much he had enjoyed his evening chatting to the boxers - and Moore has hazy memories of his night with 'The Crafty Cockney.'
"Eric had just come out of the jungle and was having a drink after an exhibition in Portsmouth," said Moore.
"We went over to say hello and had a good laugh and a few beers. I can't remember too much of the night because I was a bit drunk, but I think we got on well and it would be good if he could make it to Fareham."

Ballingall is convinced the crowd will see a best-ever performance from Moore in the town's first professional boxing show for 114 years.  
Moore has secured his title chance by putting together a four-fight unbeaten run and has had top-class sparring with British and Commonwealth featherweight champion Lee Selby.
Ballingall said: "Floyd is definitely the most improved fighter in the gym. He's a real grafter and is maturing. He turned pro young, made mistakes and now he is putting right what he was doing wrong. Floyd used to get clipped, have a fight and get clipped again. But he's not scrapping as much now. He's learned that even winners have to learn how to survive when they get caught. It's all coming together for him and we are getting to the point now where we will see just how good Floyd is."

Moore is joined on the bill by stable mates Mark Coombs, Ryan Moore and Garry Neale and tickets are available from 07703-987671.

10 Jan 13

Andy Tew launches his professional boxing career next month - and he's planning to have fun !

Promoter Mickey Helliet has confirmed the 28 year-old welterweight will box on his championship show at Fareham Leisure Centre on Saturday, February 23. He's following in his big brother's footsteps - Matty last year claimed the International Masters lightweight title - and should be an exciting addition to the professional ranks. Tew showed pulverising punching power during his 65-fight amateur career with Southampton ABC – and said:
“I like to go forward and have a fight ! People have been telling me for ages that I should turn professional and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t have a go. I’m getting older and decided it was now or never. I want to get in there and have fun ! I started boxing when I was nine years-old and I do it because I love it. I will stop boxing if it ever becomes a chore. I can’t wait to get back in the ring. I hope to win the Southern Area title, then move on from there.”

As an amateur, Tew reached the semi finals of the NABC championship and reached the Southern Counties final in the ABA championships. He’s been preparing for his pro debut with Steve Smith at his gym in Millbrook. Tew has been sharpening his skills sparring unbeaten prospects Mark Coombs, Ryan Moore – and his big brother !
“I used to spar with Matty all the time when we were kids,” he said, “and it usually got out of hand ! We are a bit more sensible these days.”

Tickets for the show are available from 07801-975003.

10 Jan 13

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